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The 8th Asian Cold Chain Logistics Summit Forum
Category: Industry Dynamics
Date: 2015-03-25
Author: admin

Meeting time: 2015.3.25

Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center N2M42

-Hand in hand with the domestic authoritative warehousing organization-China Warehousing Association

-300+ owners with decision-making power visit the site in person

-Selection of issues closely related to the market

-Build an interactive platform between the owner and the building material company

The discussion in this forum is divided into three parts:

1. Under the Internet thinking, the opportunities and challenges of food cold chain logistics

2. Technical innovation and optimization of food cold chain logistics

Third, build the informatization, coordination and standardization of cold chain logistics, and reduce the overall cold chain cost

        The topics involved are "cold chain logistics distribution path optimization model and improvement", "the key role of temperature control technology in cold chain transportation", "one box of multiple temperature structure helps rationalize food refrigeration", "the existence of fresh food logistics "Problems and Solutions", etc., invited guests from well-known companies to the scene for exchanges.

Interested audiences can click to download the tentative schedule of activities

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