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Industrial sliding door

  • Industrial sliding door
  • Industrial sliding door
  • Industrial sliding door
Industrial sliding door
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Functions and features:

Easy to operate

It is extremely convenient to adopt electric and manual operation modes. The exclusive development method can better balance the weight of the door body and make the operation more convenient.

Safe to use

The door body is provided with anti-jamming, airbag or infrared sensor capabilities. When the door body falls, the door control system will automatically rebound to avoid jamming people and cars. With the wire rope anti-breaking device, the door body can be safely moved up and down to prevent An accident happened.

Environmental insulation

It can provide door panels with a thickness of up to 40 mm, filled with German Bayer polyurethane foam material in the middle to meet the higher insulation requirements of customers.

Wind resistance

Through the strengthened treatment inside the door panel and other strengthened accessories, it can withstand the requirements of level 12 gale.

Technical data:

Maximum height: 7300 mm

Maximum width: 12000 mm

Door thickness: 40 mm

Thermal resistance coefficient: 14.96, 18.25

To use: internal and external departments,

Technology: balance system, torsion spring