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Wardrobe companies fight for design environmental protection cards
Category: Industry Dynamics
Date: 2018-08-26
Author: admin



  Nowadays, many investors are scrambling to join the wardrobe industry, making the already highly competitive wardrobe market more "tensed". If wardrobe companies want to break this predicament, they need to gain insight into new market opportunities. In recent years, with consumers’ individualized demands and environmental protection demands becoming more and more intense, the wardrobe market customization and green business opportunities are showing up, and companies need to play well in design and environmental protection.

Seize customized business opportunities and play the "design card"

   With the improvement of people's living standards, the customization of wardrobe products has become a new pursuit, and more and more families will consider custom wardrobes when buying wardrobes. In order to comply with this trend, customized companies have sprung up like mushrooms after the rain, and gradually turned to the field of whole-house customization, with consumers becoming designers of their customized products.

  Industry insiders said that at present, customized wardrobes have transitioned from “niche demand” to “recognized by the majority”. More and more wardrobe companies have begun to work on “big homes”, and their products span multiple sub-categories such as wardrobes and cabinets. If wardrobe companies want to seize more market share and occupy the next "high ground" in the market, they have to make long-term plans, attach importance to the original design of wardrobes, and meet the different demands of consumers, in order to achieve substantial development in the pattern of princes' separatism.

   Seize green business opportunities and play the "environmental card"

   Green consumption has become the dominant concept in the household consumer market. Green consumption has brought huge green business opportunities, because with the advent of a well-off life, people’s lives have gradually improved. In terms of consumption concept, it is gradually moving towards a higher level. Therefore, meeting the needs of green consumption and creating cost-effective, high-tech and ecological wardrobe products have become an issue that wardrobe companies urgently need to face squarely.

   Indeed, under the dome, environmental issues such as haze, PM2.5, and global warming are bothering us. Sustainable green consumption will become a development trend, and low-carbon, environmentally friendly products will become the most popular products for consumers. In order for wardrobe companies to achieve rapid development, they need to work harder to truly understand the demands of consumers, and deepen the concept of "environmental protection" into product design to provide consumers with tangible environmentally friendly products.

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