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Spirit of Victory

Unity, innovation, truth-seeking, refinement:

  The spirit of victory is an excellent culture formed by victory in its development process, and it is a precious spiritual wealth of victory. Unity is the source of victory power: innovation is the foundation of victory development; truth-seeking is the yardstick of victory action; refinement is the road to victory development. Under the conditions of a market economy, the spirit of victory has always been the spiritual force that inspires victorious people to defy difficulties, dare to be the first, and move forward courageously, and is always a powerful spiritual power to promote the development of victory.

Victory Values

Brand creates benefits, reputation is higher than honor:

As an intangible asset, the brand has unlimited value. Shengli puts the brand image in the first place, and requires that the Shengli brand be cherished like the eyes. It also promotes the development of Shengli through the pursuit of brand-name effects and continuous improvement of the value of the Shengli brand. At the same time, Victory respects the value of the individual and encourages everyone to give full play to their own intelligence, wisdom, and labor to obtain corresponding rewards; however, Victory emphasizes the power of spirit and advocates putting personal values in it to achieve victory. Personal value is reflected in value.

Several Concepts of Victory Concept

Victory development concept: always work hard, strive for the first place in everything; challenge the future, create infinite...

Victory Talent Concept: Respect talents, develop talents, choose first talents, and make the best use of them. Talent is the core resource of victory. Loyalty, creativity, performance value, and initiative are the four criteria for successfully measuring talents.

Victory marketing concept: customer first, service first. Shengli adheres to the principle of user supremacy, everything starts from the user, for the sake of the user, and strives to create more value for the user with the best service. Only in this way can victory continuously increase market share and gain profits.

Victory technology concept: technological innovation, guide demand. Victory will always stand at the commanding heights of market competition, pursue technological leadership, develop new products that adapt to such changes in time according to changes in user needs, and guide demand through technological innovation.

Victory Quality Concept: Continuously and steadily manufacture products that satisfy customers. Victory regards quality as life. Adhere to the continuous and stable production of user-satisfied products as the core, and regard user satisfaction as the highest quality standard for victory.

Victory manufacturing concept: Keep improving, excellent and efficient. Victory pursues management innovation and promotes development through optimized management. Adhere to the implementation of punctuality, zero waste, and zero defect management in the production process, and achieve the goal of high quality and high efficiency through lean management.