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Electric sliding door

  • Electric sliding door
  • Electric sliding door
Electric sliding door
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Product name: Electric sliding door

Applicable to: cold storage, food processing, meat factory, aquatic product processing factory, ice cream factory, ice factory, etc.

Door size: 6000mm*6000mm

Applicable temperature: -80 degrees Celsius to +90 degrees Celsius

Thickness of door leaf: 50mm to 200mm

Door opening: single opening, double opening

Low temperature warehouse door: heating wire can be installed on the door frame and door leaf

Control system: frequency conversion or synchronous control system

Transmission system: rack and pinion or synchronous belt transmission

Safety device: the door can be opened manually from the library without borrowing tools; electric eye, airbag

Door leaf material: stainless steel, color steel plate

Door leaf insulation material: flame-retardant polyurethane (PU board), good sealing performance and durability (imported TPE sealing tape)

Door opening control: can be controlled by buttons, drawstrings, geomagnetic rings, radar, etc.

Observation window: anti-fog glass (optional)

Power supply: 220V/50HZ (for heating wire), 380V/50HZ (motor)

Design life: 15 years