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Soft-opened door

  • Soft-opened door
  • Soft-opened door
Soft-opened door
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Door body material:

Flexible PVC (polyvinyl chloride) sheet with excellent transparency (thickness 7mm or 10mm).

Ensure that the line of sight is not obstructed, and ensure the safety of people, vehicles and logistics in two-way traffic.

Maximize the use of natural light, save the energy required for lighting, and reduce operating costs.

The flexible door body material effectively absorbs the impact force and can prolong the service life of the entire door body.

The soft PVC sheet reduces the injury caused by accidentally scratching the passing personnel when the door is opened and closed.

Easy to clean and maintenance-free.

Door frame structure:

High-quality aluminum alloy frame and unique concealed adjustable spring system.

Installation is simple and quick.

Adapt to a variety of different use environments.

Free your hands and easily open with the impact force of the transport machinery.

After people or vehicles pass through, it will automatically close, and the door leaf will be closed tightly.